New Group Show


Paintings by Vincent Pomilio
through August 28th

Carrie Haddad Gallery
622 Warren St., Hudson, NY
open daily 11-5 pm


Installation at Carrie Haddad Gallery, Summer Colors / July- Aug. 2016

Vincent Pomilio demonstrates a skillful use of color, shape, line and scale that are discovered via intuition, experimentation and quarter turns of the canvas. Abstractions of color explosions are harmoniously composed using a combination of acrylic, wax, pigmented plaster and marble dust to build up surfaces and introduce texture. “In the end, the challenge is to know when to stop,” says Pomilio. The result is a stunningly complex and layered composition of color that one could interpret as an aerial landscape view or motifs that resemble woven baskets.


BIG LITTLE #93, 2015

When working on a new painting I explore a means of finding compositional balance and harmony out of a chaotic and intuitive approach to applying paint to the surface.  Color is a major component of these abstract works and I am looking for unexpected color relationships.  Starting out with a grid, I proceed to de-construct it.  Although abstract in nature, there are always elements of the real world and, if you see something, it is there.
If my hand intuitively applies material to the surface as if it were  operating on its own with bursts of energy, I know it has been a good day.  In the end, the challenge is to know when to stop.  One thing leads to another and another and so forth and so on, turning the piece a quarter turn throughout the working process until there is nothing I could do to make it any better.  It’s time to let it rest and eventually allow the viewer to explore the depths of these excavations.
Vincent Pomilio