New Group Show

Carrie Haddad Gallery 622 Warren Street Hudson, NY 12534 518-828-1915

Pattern Play

Featuring Donise English, Bruce Murphy, Vincent Pomilio, Susan Stover, & Stephen Walling

On view August 12, 2020 through October 11, 2020



Vincent Pomilio


Acrylic, pigmented plaster and wax on linen

 60x62 inches.  2020

"Long-time artist of the gallery, Vincent Pomilio, continues to marvel viewers with his bold paintings that combine a jubilant mingling of color and shape with layered pigmented plaster, acrylic, and wax on canvas or wood panel. Vibrant abstractions are created through a repeated process of applying medium, segmenting sections with tape, and then scraping into the surface. His ongoing “Big-Little” series of 12 x 12 inch panels will be on view alongside large 48 inch and 60 inch square canvases, highlighting the artist’s versatility in adapting color relationships at any scale."






141 HORIZON LINES, 2018, acrylic, pigmented plaster and wax on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

When working on a new painting I explore a means of finding compositional balance and harmony out of a chaotic and intuitive approach to applying paint to the surface.  Color is a major component of these abstract works and I am looking for unexpected color relationships.  Starting out with a grid, I proceed to de-construct it.  Although abstract in nature, there are always elements of the real world and, if you see something, it is there.
If my hand intuitively applies material to the surface as if it were  operating on its own with bursts of energy, I know it has been a good day.  In the end, the challenge is to know when to stop.  One thing leads to another and another and so forth and so on, turning the piece a quarter turn throughout the working process until there is nothing I could do to make it any better.  It’s time to let it rest and eventually allow the viewer to explore the depths of these excavations.
Vincent Pomilio